Donor notes – lessons from The Lunchbox

Jon and I saw The Lunchbox last Friday. It’s a wonderfully charming new movie by Ritesh Batra in which two lonely people make a connection as a result of a mix-up in Mumbai’s extraordinary tiffin delivery system.

Our protagonists Saajan and Ila have never met each other as the film starts, yet by the end they have developed a deep connection (not giving much away here).

How did they do it? By sending each other notes, almost daily, through the lunchbox.

Once again, I’m struck by the power of the lowly, low tech note to touch another life.

I know when I head to my mailbox, a handwritten small envelope that contains a note is the thing I’m immediately drawn to read. Sometimes I don’t rip it open right away, waiting instead to savor its hidden message with a freshly brewed cup of tea or in sitting in my most comfy chair.

What would a well-crafted, caring note mean to one of your donors right now? What new depths of a relationship could you spark through a series of thoughtful connections?

Please share your powerful note stories. I’d love to hear them.

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