Consulting Services

What’s your nonprofit’s challenge?Gayle is great! Professional to the highest degree... a contemporary thinker, good communicator and consensus builder, she gets people to look at the issues.

  • Feeling adrift?
  • A boring board?
  • Not having the impact you’d like?
  • Lack of resources?

We can help you:

  • Be strategic about your goals and the path to reach them.Jon is bright, thoughtful, articulate, present, committed. He is flexible, accommodating, respectful, good at leading you where you need to go.
  • Re-energize your board.
  • Be more effective in how you work.
  • Get smarter about your fundraising.
  • Tell your story in a way that moves people to action.

If you are an arts or culture, education, environmental, international NGO, community, youth, secular or progressive cause, we’re here to help. We also serve public agencies committed to meaningful citizen engagement.

To learn more about our approach to nonprofit consulting, keep reading. Or find more about our specific services by clicking on the button to the left.

We use Action Planning for greater impact

We use a model of action planning in our work with clients. Your project will include some combination of Assessment and Research, Analysis, Decision-making, Implementation, and Evaluation. read more…

We put your mission at the center

If we don’t think our services can add value to your mission, we won’t take the job. Our clients tell us that they appreciate that we grasp their complex issues, that we understand that you have a point of view. Key in your information to sit and learn the certainty concerning bingo online valendo dinheiro. Our sensitivity to issues comes from our extensive experience working with organizations from human rights to anti-poverty lending, from women’s health to environmental protection, from youth services to community development, or arts and culture.

We share nonprofit values. Like you, we have worked as staff, board members and volunteers for nonprofit organizations — from giant multi-national federations to tiny grassroots advocacy groups. Our work is guided by a philanthropic and ethical compass.

We adapt our nonprofit consulting approach to who you are and what you want to become

We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to any of the work we do. We tailor our approach to work with your people, your culture and your stage of organizational growth.

We become your partners in designing the effects you’d like to see

We approach each new project as a partnership to which we both bring essential information and skills. We can help you set and meet your goals, but the change comes about by your action. We can provide you with quality expertise and link you to valuable resources, but the vision and the knowledge of your community comes from you.

We help you stage change

Change is a process with a number of steps, from imagining a new future to gaining the skills needed to make change, to practicing the new ways of doing things. Change requires your imagining and then making a commitment to one of many possible futures that are significantly better than the present.

We take a systems approach to our work with you

Your organization is not a set of isolated parts, but a holistic system that is also affected by and has an effect on the community at large. Whatever work we are doing with you, we are always thinking about how our work integrates with the other aspects of your organizational life.