Tools for Change

The Essential Fundraising Handbook for Small Nonprofits

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The tools of our trade are the ideas, information and materials we use to help our clients make change. Unless otherwise noted, you may read, download and use them freely. However, we do ask that you acknowledge Cause & Effect Inc (R) as the source for the materials you use.

In the Articles section you will find short articles we have written on every aspect of our practice and experience in the nonprofit world.

The Toolbox contains the same charts, checklists and worksheets we use with clients. We have developed and adapted them over many years of work with nonprofit boards and staff. They can help you with a wide range of challenges from strategic planning to next month’s fund appeal. We are also in process of adding a number of our training materials via SlideShare, so check those out as well.

The inexhaustible universe of information, advice, and products on the worldwide web can save – or waste – enormous amounts of time. Our Links page shares a list of the places we look first for research, tech tools and teamware, nonprofit trends, fundraising best practices and professional development.

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Please use these tools with our compliments as you work to make change in the world.