Our great road trip adventure

Jon and I are back after our road trip adventure. We are refreshed and ready to take on meaningful and community changing projects. Large rock formations

Where we went

We spent most of October on the road, with our suitcases, tent and sleeping bags (one night in the Badlands), and bicycles on the bike rack. We started in Rhode Island and spent time in Cleveland, Michigan, Des Moines, South Dakota, Idaho, Utah, St. Louis, Chicago and back home again.

Great museums we visited included:

Parks we visited:

wetlands with hills in back

Rail trails and other bike paths we rode parts of:

We saw a flock of bachelor sand hill cranes (life bird),  three bald eagles, four moose, lots of grebes and other waterfowl, bison galore including the annual Custer State Park bison roundup, coyotes, elk, (Gayle gets excited about large mammals and birds), pronghorn, prairie dogs, big horned sheep (1), Great Salt Lake and the rings around Saturn.

We visited not so often seen family and friends along the way, which was really wonderful.

shaggy bisonreflective lake with trees and hills

Things I observed:

  • Roads are in disrepair everywhere.
  • Ironically, gasoline is much more expensive in the West.
  • Windmill farms were common (there may be some hope of moving away from fossil fuels)
  • Even the smallest towns and highway gas station stores have tattooed and pierced hipsters.
  • It is a mistake to eat food that has been sitting under lights.
  • Big mountains are thrilling and also scary to drive through.
  • Traffic in Denver is horrific.
  • There must be a Christian faith crisis in Kansas as many billboards kept advertising “Jesus is real”
  • Shopping malls look the same for the most part.
  • Those ugly box-shaped apartment buildings are everywhere.
  • Bike trail bathrooms are plentiful and nicer in other parts of the USA. (Rhode Island, let’s get going)
  • It is one VERY BIG country.
  • People are welcoming.
  • Wally and Buck’s in Missoula has a really great hamburger worth stopping for.

P.S. Cheetos are not a diet food, but they do help on long car rides.

Hopefully you have an adventure that will feed your soul. Even if its just in your hometown.

And John Denver was totally right: You definitely be need to see  “an eagle fly”Warmly,

Jon and Gayle photo

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