10 Communications Tips from C Squared Strategy

Last week, I was part of a lively discussion at a peer learning group on communications strategy led by Walter Callender of C Squared Strategy.

Walter had many practical and strategic suggestions for the small to medium size nonprofit leaders attending the learning group.

I asked Walter if I could share some of that sage advice with you. So here it is, Letterman style:

Walter Callender’s Top Ten List of Communications Strategies

10. Do not overcomplicate.

9. Let your constituents tell you what they want, and don’t want.

8. Optimize your use of each communication channel (i.e. web, email, in person, cell, snail mail, etc).

7. Turn supporters into enthusiasts.

6. Being cool is no substitute for a clear mission-based strategy. (I particularly like this one)

5. Align yourselves with key influencers for channel usage.

4. All innovators are not alike — your attitude towards innovation should drive your online approach.

3. Focus on what you do best – differentiation is key.

2. Measure, analyze, adjust and repeat — treat channel analysis as a discipline and find ways to have the channels work together.

1. Plan, but don’t be afraid to make changes, the online channel in particular is forgiving.

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  1. Kris Hoots

    Love the use of succinct lists to make such critical points. My favorite is number 2 because without analysis, it’s impossible to know what to do more of and what to do less of.

  2. Get your top ten today

    Whats your Top Ten Everything…

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