True joy in giving

Below the fold in Monday morning’s Providence Journal was a lovely story about Ram and Nishi Nehra, a retired couple from Middletown, Rhode Island, who have been supporting an educational NGO in their native India since 2001.

I know that their story is not unique, that each day there are millions, probably billions, of philanthropic acts across the globe.

But what made me smile over my morning tea was the way that Ram described his philanthropy:

“I get so much satisfaction, so much pleasure out of this — I can’t tell you in words. You have to experience this. This is full of life.”

Demonstrating again the principle of “giving till you feel good” that my departed colleague, Herb Kaplan, always espoused.

8 responses to True joy in giving

  1. Sherry Truhlar

    Gayle, I want to offer kudos to the organization, too. Smart non-profits have a strategy to make donors feel good about their contribution whether it is through story telling, involvement or events, there is a focus on the donor’s experience.

  2. Lori L. Jacobwith

    The joy that giving creates…that’s why I do this work with social profit organizations and their stakeholders. This post made me smile. Thanks, Gayle!

  3. Sandy Rees

    This is what it’s all about – donors feeling good about supporting their favorite organizations! People give because they like how it feels.


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