Tips to help you get to the ask

I’m already a fan of For Impact/The Suddes Group but they just stole my heart with their wonderful little post today “9 TIps to Help you get to the ask.”

Over and over again I hear from staff and volunteers of nonprofits “I could never ask someone for money.”

Nick Fellers at The Suddes Group has just given anyone involved in raising money an amazing present with his simple and “be authentic” (tip 3) approach.

Tip 9 – “Don’t make decisions for your prospects” is a conversation I have over and over again with nonprofit staff or voluneers who spend way too much time thinking up all the reasons that someone can’t give to them and then use it as the reason to never ask.

I think you’ll really appreciate this tip sheet. Bottom line, or Tip 1, says Fellers, “Always ask.”

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