100 Things We’ve Learned About Nonprofits

On the train to Newark Tuesday ( I was on my way to work on a planning with the amazing staff of ACLU of New Jersey), I thought I’d try an idea I had received in an email just before the end of the year from For Impact, The Suddes Group. The idea was to make a list of 100 memories from the year as an opportunity to reflect and prepare for 2009. Here’s the post if you’d like to read it.

I didn’t make a list of memories (I will do that soon), but instead decided to start a list called “100 Things I’ve Learned About Nonprofits.”

On the train I got to 95 and then ran out of room on my sheets of paper… but I’ll finish the 100. (maybe you’ll help?)

While I’m not sure yet whether the ground moved,? I thought that the list would be great to blog about over the next few months.

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