Small nonprofits with big media coverage

Two of my clients have had big media exposure lately.

We finished a project a few months ago with The Diaper Bank in Connecticut. We were familiar with the diaper bank model through our esteemed colleague Hildy Gottlieb, who founded the original diaper bank in Tucson, Arizona. (You can read all about Hildy’s experience in many of her articles and her great books).

The Diaper Bank in Connecticut started in New Haven. As a result of their good work, they received a state allocation to expand to Hartford and Bridgeport. We were enlisted to help them think about various models for carrying out this work. Through our work together (and with advice from people like Hildy and other critical informants in CT), we were able to pull together an expansion plan that identified strategic questions and included a framework for operations, funding, governance, executive leadership and other aspects of the organization.

Joanne Goldblum, the founder of The Diaper Bank, received a community health leader award from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, was named “person of the year” last year by the New Haven Register, was named a local hero in People magazine and just last Friday was The Diaper Bank was highlighted on ABC World News with Charlie Gibson.

Meanwhile, Women’s Voices for the Environment taped a Green Cleaning Party on Saturday with Good Morning America for airing most likely on Saturday, August 2nd. The shows producer read about them in an article in the New York Times and thought this would be a great segment for GMA.

So congratulations to both groups, and may the exposure result in more support for your issues and more funding to carry out the work.

2 responses to Small nonprofits with big media coverage

  1. Hildy Gottlieb

    Thanks for the shout-out, Gayle! There is exciting stuff going on in the world of Diaper Banks all across the country. Very fun to watch, and to see the impact they are all having. Great coverage for Joanne – good job!

    I had not seen all the great stuff you have done with your new site – bravo! I will certainly be back to look around. Congrats to you and Jon!

  2. admin Post Author

    Hey Hildy,
    Great to get the congrats. We’re still cooking the site, lots to do still.
    Have a great summer.

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