“Give until it feels good”

My friend and colleague Herb Kaplan died June 14, 2008 at age 78.

Herb KaplanHerb taught me the word “tzedakah,” the Hebrew word for the acts we call charity. The root of tzedakah means righteousness, justice or fairness. Herb and I shared that belief in the power and obligation of philanthropy.

“Give until it feels good” was Herb’s answer to anyone who asked him “how much should I give?”

He loved young people and chose to mentor them, including young fundraising professionals.

The Association of Fundraising Professionals, Rhode Island Chapter, honored Herb by naming its endowment fund at the Rhode Island Foundation for him. Herb championed the growth of this endowment so that its earnings would fuel the professional development of more young fundraisers.

Thank you, Herb, for your life, your good works and your lessons.

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