Right brain, left brain

I start the class I teach in the masters in communications management program at Simmons College, Strategic Communications and Organizational Change, by asking students to read Daniel Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind.

Right directed thinking and the future by Daniel Pink

Pink writes that left-brain dominant work (software engineers, financial analysis, customer service, radiology) is rapidly disappearing from US shores… either it’s been Automated or outsourced to less expensive workers in Asia. I challenge my students to think how their own work is influenced by these two powerful factors. Because they are in communications fields, at first many feel that they are immune. But when we start dissecting the nature of their workplaces and even their writing assignments, suddenly the world seems a little less secure.

When considering your organizational future, do you strive to understand how global forces are shaping your world? Don’t think there are any? Hmmm…. what’s happening to your local workforce? Who owns the notes on all of those mortgage foreclosures? What causes are artfully engaging your donors — now that the world of NGOs is accessible online.

– glg

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