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10 terrible reasons for hiring your development director

As a cautionary service, I thought I’d share with you my top ten list of tempting, but ill-advised reasons for selecting your director of development. Reason #3. They know people with money.

Wow, this one is really tempting. Keep reminding yourself that just because someone has access to individuals of wealth, that still doesn’t mean they have the skills and competencies to do the job successfully. If they’ve worked in another development job and tell you that they will bring their donor list with them — drop that candidate as fast as you can. Donor lists are confidential property — they are not transportable from one organization to another. In any case, even if there are no ethical problems, a good thing to know would be if they’ve leveraged their personal contacts in other circumstances. Chances are if they haven’t been a rainmaker before, they are unlikely to start now.

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