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For tough times “Manage cautiously but think ambitiously”

I woke up this morning thinking again that this third sector of ours needs to stop apologizing for the way it works and stop idealizing some fictitious “smarter than us” for-profit business and leadership model. Instead, we need to reclaim and boldly proclaim our unique way of seeing based on quality of life, a belief in public service and a philanthropic compass to guide our action. It’s time to take the high ground for the what, the why and the how of the work we do.

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5/100 Things – Nurture a systems perspective

Poet John Donne may have coined the words “No man is an island, entire of itself” more than a half millenium ago, but I interact with too many nonprofit board members who haven’t discovered the power of systems thinking that Reina experienced in just a few weeks.

Each of us, both individually and within organizations are parts of larger systems – think “ecosystem” – that span both the natural systems which supply our water, air and food and also the global web of people, organizational, family and business systems.

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What is it that you are willing to commit to?

Writing about Peter Block yesterday makes me think about his book, The Answer to How is Yes. I’ve been using this title as a guiding agreement for strategic planning that I facilitate with clients.

Block argues, and I agree, that “How?” isn’t the most important question. “How?” is a distraction from the important question “What resistance am I postponing?” or, in other words, “What am I really willing to commit to and act upon?”