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Can membership programs apply Internet business models?

Anderson described how businesses are making money on the Internet by giving things away for free. I was particularly enthralled because the strategy he was describing — give the basic level away for free and then charge for the premium model — matched the radical museum membership program envisioned by Beverly Sheppard and John Falk in their 2006 book Thriving in the Knowledge Age: New business models for museums and cultural organizations from Alta Mira Press.

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4/100 Things – Times change, fast. You need to keep up.

If you didn’t have a sense of urgency about building a resilient and adaptive organization before, hopefully our economic meltdown has convinced you that times change.

In case you are still resisting, I thought you might enjoy reading Tom Peters “Re-imagine Manifesto!” “Tomato TomAh to.” Though written a few years ago for a corporate audience, I think you’ll find much that speaks to you today.

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How did you get your start in fundraising?

Along the way, I had great teachers — from the activists at AFSC to the professionals we were surrounded with at PLAN (staff, board, colleagues and some pretty amazing consultants and vendors), to the really fabulous volunteers and philanthropists at STB. I also benefited greatly from my colleagues at the Association of Fundraising Professionals, in which I’ve been a member since 1988.

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