Ten norms for fundraising teams

I was recycling paper and shredding files on this rainy day. I found this old gem among the papers I had prepared for a small fundraising campaign is was working on. Red spiky flowers again beach

If you are a fundraiser, guaranteed you’ve tried to rev up a bunch of willing but hesitant fundraising volunteers. They may be board members or fundraising donors, even your program staff.

These ten norms for fundraising teams were designed for them. You’ll see that they are heavy on the encouragement to just do it!

I agree to the following:

  1. I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to start.
  2. I’ll discover the joy in raising money for [name organization or cause]
  3. I’ll ask, otherwise I’ll never know.
  4. I’ll rely on my team – volunteers, staff, consultant – for support and advice.
  5. I’ll only volunteer for assignments I know I can complete.
  6. I’ll ask for help when I need it, as soon as I need it.
  7. I’ll take risks and not fear failing.
  8. I’ll remember the advice of hockey player Wayne Gretzky: “100% of shots you never take won’t go in.”
  9. I’ll provide written or oral debriefs to our team leader on all meetings and contacts with potential donors.

What do you think? Will these work for you? 

What working agreements or norms has your fundraising team agreed to? Please share them with us.

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