Don’t let your board go hungry

I’m still chuckling over the sentiment expressed by Sam Smith in his recent guest blog:

A board meeting is no time for nutritional proselytizing. Or for skimping. …And the smartest among them know that salvation lies not in the proper mission statement but in the right menu.

You’ve been there. The board meeting starts at 8:00 am or noon, or 6:00 pm and runs for about two hours. Your stomach is growling and you are having a hard time paying attention, wondering when you’ll get that meal your body is craving.

Besides the belly rumbling, there is that little voice whispering in your ear:  “How can we hold a meeting at this time without any refreshments? I wish someone had told me in advance so I could have brought along a cup of coffee, had a bite to eat before I left or brought some food with me.”

It’s not too much to show some appreciation by offering your hard working volunteers something to eat when you schedule meetings at times normally reserved for dining. Heck, it’s worth having refreshments anytime you have a board meeting.

But we can’t afford it, you say. The food doesn’t have to be expensive. If you can’t build it into your board budget, create a custom where everyone chips in to order the bagels, lasagna, pizzas or sandwiches.  (For the gluten free, eating out is always a challenge ).

And if you can turn the eating into a time for socializing, even better.  Sharing a meal helps build the bonds that create a team that enjoys working together.

How do you handle food at your board meetings? I’d love to hear your story.

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