20 Questions: What’s your fundraising potential?

If you can’t confidently say a strong YES to each question, you have some work to do.

  1. You have an inspirational vision of the community change you’d like to create.
  2. You can connect the resources you seek to the societal change you’d like to create.
  3. You have a strategic plan for least 3 years into the future.
  4. You cherish results and measure the impact of your programs.
  5. Your staff are passionate and evangelical leaders for your organization and its programs.
  6. Your board members are passionate and evangelical leaders for your organization and its programs.
  7. You are wise stewards of all of your resources.
  8. You have many long-standing friends and partners.
  9. You have created opportunities for people to be involved with you on many levels.
  10. You have clear goals and objectives for how much money you need to raise and have done the “math” of fundraising.
  11. You have a well-designed plan for raising resources.
  12. You regularly communicate with your “stakeholders” about your activities, needs and accomplishments.
  13. Staff (or volunteers) have been individually assigned responsibility and are held accountable for revenue goals.
  14. You believe you can do it (failure is not an option).
  15. You are not afraid to ask for what you need.
  16. Your internal systems support fundraising (e.g. a well functioning and documented donor management database).
  17. You know how to use and adapt proven fundraising techniques.
  18. You invest the most resources where you receive the greatest fundraising return.
  19. You insist on ethical fundraising.
  20. You make an annual investment in professional development for fundraising.

You can find a copy of this quiz to share with your staff and board in our Toolbox.

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