5 New Year Resolutions For Your Nonprofit

1. Passionately pursue that big vision of societal (or personal) change.

  • Inspire other visionaries.
  • Join dreams together.
  • Be realistic, but don’t let obstacles become your excuse.
  • Celebrate each step forward.

2. Ensure that you are trustworthy and worthy of support.

  • Do what you have promised to do.
  • Work on what matters.
  • Measure, analyze, learn, adjust.
  • Model your values and ethics.

3. Think and act strategically

  • Understand the systems in which you operate
  • Remember, everything is in motion.
  • Seek knowledge, all kinds – you never know what you’ll need to know
  • Find the leverage
  • Seize opportunity

4. Love your donors

  • Communicate, engage, thank.
  • Don’t take anyone for granted.
  • Love the small ones as much as the big ones.

5. Enable people who make things happen.

  • Match the right talent to the right job.
  • Agree on individual outcomes that matter.
  • If you are seriously stuck, take another look at  who’s doing the doing.
  • Train, coach, mentor, reward.
  • Remove the barriers you’ve put in their way.

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