End discrimination. Embrace Diversity. Human Rights Day 2009

Our dreams for the end of discrimination this Human Rights Day:

  • A commitment to quality, universal education for all.
  • Education for women and girls in countries where their education is not yet viewed as a right and essential to peace and prosperity.
  • End genocide, once and for all.
  • No more lip service to “never again.” Do “never again.”
  • Protection for children.
  • No ethnic cleansing.
  • Marriage equality.
  • End to sexual and domestic violence and its use as a way of exercising control over.
  • Daily action to uphold the golden rule.
  • An end to racial profiling.
  • A belief that we are all in this together.
  • Fair trials.
  • A commitment to the principles outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • A personal reaffirmation of our commitment to inclusion, civil liberties and human rights for all.

Please add your dreams to this list.

P.S. To President Obama. As you accept the Nobel Prize today, may your award remind you you and your administration that you have much to do to be fully deserving.

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