Thanks for your Giving

The co-presenter in a workshop I attended recently noted that Thanksgiving was the perfect holiday for philanthropy.

After all, it has both “thanks” and “giving” in its name.

To all of our clients, friends and colleagues … thank you for the amazing work you do each day to make the world a better place. We are very grateful to be on this journey toward peace, justice and environmental stewardship with you.

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  1. Al Potter

    So true…The wonderful thing about joyful stewardship and philanthropy is that they are grounded in doing the right thing for the right reasons — and that is enough reason. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it celebrates that spirit (OK, I like food and football, too). I took today off today (Friday after Thanksgiving) and as I drove about a bit with my wife, taking care of a few errands, and observed all the frenzied activity in the shopping centers, I could not help but be struck by the difference in “feeling” between the peaceful inner warmth of yesterday and the frenetic consumer-driven behavior of today.

    Congratulations to you, Gayle, on your award being recognized this past Tuesday as a Partner in Philanthropy at National Philanthropy Day. The fact that the organization recognizing you was the Association of Fundraising Professionals means that your work has served many organizations and thoughtful givers throughout the state.

    • Gayle Gifford Post Author

      Al, thank you for your lovely comment and for sharing your own thoughts. I commemorated Buy Nothing Day on Friday by not shopping and by remembering that I really don’t need much more than I already have… loving family, friends, colleagues, good work, a house, food on the table, a beautiful neighborhood and city, open space, the beach, bikepaths, and more — to feel enriched.

      And thank you so for sharing the recognition that I received on National Philanthropy Day from the AFP RI chapter. It was a lovely gesture. The great part, however, was to be in a room with so many people who devote so much of their own lives to making a difference in the world. What a joy! And the acceptance remarks of the big honorees were quite moving.

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