4/100 Things – Times change, fast. You need to keep up.

If you didn’t have a sense of urgency about building a resilient and adaptive organization before, hopefully our economic meltdown has convinced you that times change.

In case you are still resisting, try reading Tom Peters “Re-imagine Manifesto!” “Tomato TomAh to.” It’s assigned reading – along with Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind and a Peter Block’s The Answer to How is Yes – for the students in my Strategic Communications and Organizational Change class at Simmons College.

The world is different. Times have changed. Have you?

Or are you still doing everything the same way and expecting different results?

A taste of Tom:

“They say ‘We need an Initiative.”

“I say ‘We need a Dream. And Dreamers.’

“They say they need a “vision” born of McKinsey.

“I say we need a “Grandiose Dream” born of a Passionate & Intemperate Belief that the world can be a different, better place.”


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