More on online fundraising

Thank you to Heather Mansfield and all the folks at for getting Latino Dollars for Scholars Foundation of Rhode Island set up with one of their free accounts.

I set up my own fundraising page as it’s my birthday goal to raise $5,500 (I turn 55 next Monday) for college scholarships for deserving Latino students in Rhode Island.

It took a little extra time as LADO is an affiliate of Scholarship America but has its own EIN (but under Scholarship America). I used the wrong EIN for LADO initially (I’m on the Advisory Board and its been my promise to set this up before the end of the year). But Heather kept right at it.

Every organization can start fundraising immediately online through It really is pretty simple to set up. I took the free webinar with Heather and she not only explained their site, but shared lots of incredibly valuable insights about fundraising online. Thanks Heather.

I’ll keep you posted on my fundraising… I’ve only mentioned the site on my Facebook page. I still need to send to my friends and colleagues. But we’ve got $150 raised so far!.


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