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I just stumbled onto I’m sure my readers know more about this than I do, but they’ve got an online fundraising tool that allows your supporters to set up their own fundraising pages. Part of the service is free and there is also the paid premium package. I’m going to take the webinar on the 3rd, so I’ll have more to report then.

Right now, they are also running “Ideas for Change in America” which is recruiting ideas online to submit to the Obama administration on how we can improve just about every aspect of our lives. Thanks to colleague Don Griesmann for the heads up. Check it out.

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  1. Jason Sohigian

    What is their fee to use the online fundraising tool? I assume they collect a small percentage of each donation? Your case is of interest because our NGO is still a project of a larger org. so we don’t have a separate tax ID #.

    I would be interested in hearing how these third party sites work in this case. I’ve seen a lot of these sites lately, including Facebook Causes where you can set up a page to raise funds.

    We’re not sure how efficiently it will work since we are part of a larger org. – the alternative is to continue using mail, email, and our own website for fundraising, which can limit the creativity and interactivity.

  2. GayleGifford

    Thanks Jason.
    Their fee is the same as Network for Good, as that’s who’s online system they are using. I believe its 4.7% (just shy of 5%) which is better than others.

    Check out my fundraising site. I’ve raised about $750 to date.
    And I haven’t been as aggressive as I should in following up (big pre holiday crunch).

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