Searching for the “perfect” board meeting

I’d know I was at the perfect board meeting if I …

  • Got to think strategically and discuss a really important question
  • Got to enjoy the company of my fellow directors when the heavy lifting was completed (over food and a nice glass of pinot noir)
  • Didn’t have to sit through excruciatingly dull reports that I could do nothing about
  • Found my usual thinking challenged – in a collegial and mind expanding way
  • Experienced the passion of the mission in some symbolic way
  • Shared a laugh now and then with my colleagues
  • Knew how close we were to year end projections– and if we were off, we left with a satisfactory plan to close the budget gap
  • Space was pleasant — windows, comfy seats and enough room to put all my stuff down.
  • Felt the meeting mattered ? and that it mattered that I was there.
  • Knew the meeting would start (and end) on time.
  • Looked forward to the next meeting

That?s my list. What’s on your list?

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