Getting to the point powerfully- articulating your case for support

I stumbled onto the recording of “Communicate: Think Big and Build Simple for Big Dollars,”? a conversation with Tom Suddes of The Suddes Group through the Network for Good Learning Center. Network for Good Learning Center

Suddes makes the following points:

(Sigh: A man after my own heart… For transformational change is my mantra… that’s why your organization exists. And if your organization doesn’t know what transformational change it is working to create, you’ve got more work to do than just learning how to communicate better.)

You need to first talk about your IMPACT, the transformational change that your organization exists to create.

Then, Suddes implores, you need to communicate toyour donors how their “investments” (aka gifts) make that IMPACT happen.

You need to do it in simple, powerful messages.

Suddes is a big believer in the power of three (e.g. “veni, vidi, vinci”) for making messages compelling, memorable and penetrating. He suggests a 6 word WHY (the impact) a 3 word WHAT and a 3 word HOW.

There’s lots of good stuff in the interview with him. And lots of other great stuff at the Network for Good Learning Center. Check it out… it’s free.

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