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I wanted to share with you an email message that my client, Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE), received from one of their supporters.The note is from Garnett Zamboni, Director of Career Services at BrownMackie College– Salina. Garnett signed up to hold a Green Cleaning Party at her public library. With her permission, I’m sharing the message that she sent to WVE after receiving a thank you note.

Thank you

Garnett writes: “I received your hand written note last Sat. and want to tell you how much of an impact this had on me. It only proved that reaching out and truly touching someone aside from electronic submissions stays with a person long after reading the note. Thank you for teaching me the value of human contact. I write personal notes but had no idea the impact they have on others.

Again I?m proud to be involved in an organization of this quality. I look forward to a long term relationship with WVE. ”

Garnett was willing to share with you because she felt that it is important to pass along information that helps each other in their personal or professional development. T

For many years when I first came to RI, Franklin Robinson was the much loved director of the Rhode Island School of Design Museum. Franklin RobinsonHe’s now the Richard J. Schwartz Director of the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University.

In a press release announcing his reappointment last year, the University stated that “Since Robinson became director in 1992, the profile of the museum has risen considerably, through year-round public events, collaborations with alumni, faculty, students and campus organizations, and participation in the local Discovery Trail.”

That’s not surprising. Shortly after his move to Ithaca, Frank was invited back to speak to a conference of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, RI Chapter. The introduction of Frank noted how well-loved he was in RI and that one of the reasons for that affection was that Frank was a master of the personal, handwritten, thank you note. Person after person could recount receiving one of his notes. His generosity of appreciation went so far that he even sent thank you notes to people who sent him thank you notes! It made a difference and left a lasting affect on all touched by his giving spirit.

Food for thought.

Best, Gayle

P.S. Thank you Garnett, for reminding me of a great subject for not only passing along via my blog, but for a future column in Contributions Magazine.? If you have examples of the impact of handwritten notes, please send along.

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