Creative inspiration and the art of promotion

A few months ago I wrote an article for my column in Contributions Magazine called “Discovering great ideas in new places.” I mentioned the magazine Wired, which is one of my favorite reads for keeping up with all things cool and groovy in the technology world.

Though I’m barely through their most recent issue (bedtime reading; I usually only have enough juice left for one article before I’m fast asleep), I did read the cover story Internet Famous, Julia Allison and the secrets of self promotion.

I envy the creativity Julia Allison used to make herself famous using the power of the Internet.

Reading the story, a few thoughts occurred to me:

1. What an incredible use of talent for such a shallow activity.

2. What a great example of “guerilla marketing.”

and then,

3. How can our social benefit/nonprofit sector learn from her astute understanding of the media and the public mind and apply this savvy in support of our worthwhile missions to change the world? (Maybe its because we simply are working hard on doing important work and just don’t have time to waste on fluff).

Maybe we can get Julia to come on over and put her energy to use on our side of the universe.

But perhaps your organization is way ahead of Julia. I ‘d love to hear your examples of self-promotion for the forces of good.


P.S. I feel guilty adding another morsel to Julia’s fame.

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