Strategic Planning

How can you make real change in a constantly changing world? We’ll  guide you through a systematic look at your organization and the world around you to create transformational goals, a strategic path forward and a flexible framework to get there.

We can help you develop a plan for your whole organization, for your coalition or collaboration, or for your priority areas and initiatives, such as revenue development or programming.

Here’s what you get:

  1. A clear, shared vision of the community betterment you want to create — long-term and over the life of the plan
  2. Clarification of your values and the theory of change that defines your core strategy
  3. Your critical goals with clear and specific objectives for each so that you can measure strategic progress over time.
  4. A realistic projection of what you’ll need in terms of staff and and other new capacity to achieve your vision
  5. Budget forecasts so you know what it all costs

Our planning assistance will take you through five steps.

1. Systems assessment and research

We believe that your best ideas, imagination and intuition must be backed up by a solid base of knowledge. We bring integrity to the collection of data, help you benchmark against similar organizations, look for best practices and talk to your stakeholders and other critical informants. We encourage you to be our partners in those conversations.

2. Analysis

Once you’ve gathered relevant data, we’ll help you locate, frame and analyze information to identify the most critical questions and strategic solutions. You’ll gain a better understanding of what’s possible with your current capacity, what you’ll need to do differently, and what choices are available to you. We bring creativity and a valuable strategic sensibility to these conversations.

3. Decision-making

Our clients tell us that helping them reach common ground on a course of action is one of the most valuable results of working with us. We know that choosing your desired future requires both courage and clarity. We will challenge your organization to surpass assumed limits to what you can achieve, while carefully anticipating the costs and commitments that your envisioned future will demand from individuals and the whole organization.

4. Implementation

Vision and commitment must be translated into achievable action. This is where we turn your to-do list into a will-do list. We’ll help you develop flexible implementation schedules, budgets and time-bound and measurable objectives, with the degree of detail determined by your needs and resources.

5. Evaluation

We’ll work with you to create benchmarks by which you can measure your progress. We’ll check in with you over the first year to see how well your change effort is going and help you keep you on track.