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Can membership programs apply Internet business models?

Anderson described how businesses are making money on the Internet by giving things away for free. I was particularly enthralled because the strategy he was describing — give the basic level away for free and then charge for the premium model — matched the radical museum membership program envisioned by Beverly Sheppard and John Falk in their 2006 book Thriving in the Knowledge Age: New business models for museums and cultural organizations from Alta Mira Press.

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4/100 Things – Times change, fast. You need to keep up.

If you didn’t have a sense of urgency about building a resilient and adaptive organization before, hopefully our economic meltdown has convinced you that times change.

In case you are still resisting, I thought you might enjoy reading Tom Peters “Re-imagine Manifesto!” “Tomato TomAh to.” Though written a few years ago for a corporate audience, I think you’ll find much that speaks to you today.

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